Quitline Services

Texas Tobacco Quitline

The Texas Tobacco Quitline provides confidential, free, and convenient cessation services to Texas residents ages 13 and older to assist them in quitting all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, through individualized support services. Nicotine replacement therapy and quit coaching sessions are available for adults ages 18 and older. There is also a youth digital program available for those ages 13-17.

The Texas Tobacco Quitline is accessible through all major mobile and desktop operating systems. Services are provided in both English and Spanish. Interpretation for other languages is available for phone services.

To enroll in services, people ages 13 and older can refer themselves online or by calling 1-877-YES-QUIT (877-937-7848). Healthcare providers can also refer their patients through fax form, online referral portal, or an electronic health records system.

After enrollment, quit coaches will complete an intake survey by asking a number of questions, including demographic questions such as name, insurance, date of birth, etc. Insurance is collected for informational purposes only and will not be billed. Quit coaches assess tobacco use, readiness to quit, motivation, and ask related questions.

Quit Coaching

The Texas Tobacco Quitline offers up to five quit coaching sessions for those ages 18 and older. This includes:

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

The Texas Tobacco Quitline offers up to eight weeks and combination nicotine replacement therapy for those ages 18 and older at no cost. Nicotine replacement therapy options include patches, gum, and lozenges.

Participant Tracks

Texas Tobacco Quitline General Track for Ages 18 and Older

Pregnant/Postpartum Track for Ages 18 and Older

Behavioral Health Track for Ages 18 and Older

Menthol Track for Ages 18 and Older

Youth Digital Program for Ages 13-17

Ready to Quit

Quitting is hard but finding resources does not have to be. When you are ready to quit, we can help. Get started today by calling 1-877-YES-QUIT (1-877-937-7848) or enrolling online.

Live Vape Free Program

A standalone and complimentary program, Live Vape Free is an interactive e-cigarette/vaping cessation program for youth and young adults ages 13-26. This program helps youth and young adults:

The Live Vape Free Program is only accessible through self-enrollment. When youth and young adults are ready to quit vaping, they can enroll in the program online at LiveVapeFree.com or by texting VAPEFREE to 873373.

last updated June 5, 2024