Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are valuable partners in tobacco cessation and can effectively assist and motivate people in quitting tobacco product use. In fact, cessation rates improve when a healthcare provider spends as little as three minutes giving advice to patients on tobacco cessation.

Healthcare Provider Guides

Healthcare provider guides provide information on evidence-based tobacco control interventions and resources available for clinicians to help their patients quit tobacco products.

Quitline Referrals

There are several ways healthcare providers can refer their patients ages 13 and older to the Texas Tobacco Quitline. For more information, visit Quitline Referrals.

eTobacco Protocol

The eTobacco Protocol is a cessation referral process that is integrated into a healthcare system’s electronic health records (EHR) system to electronically refer patients to the Texas Tobacco Quitline. A Texas Tobacco Quitline Quit Coach will then call the patient within 48 hours. Integration of the eTobacco Protocol into EHRs provides a proactive way to engage patients who use tobacco products in the process of quitting.

For more information on eTobacco Protocol, call 512-232-9307 or visit the eTobacco Protocol webpage.

last updated May 2, 2024