eTobacco Protocol

The e-Tobacco Protocol incorporates the successful “Ask. Advise. Refer.” method into your electronic health record (EHR) system. This makes recording tobacco use at every patient visit a simple routine step. The “Ask. Advise. Refer.” method not only prompts the doctor or appropriate staff member to ask the patient about tobacco use, it also helps him or her assess the patient’s interest in quitting. If the patient is interested, your office can guide him or her to an effective tobacco-cessation service.

This tool will help you make the e-Tobacco Protocol part of your EHR system. And if you don’t have an EHR system, the tool will help you understand the benefits of one and show you how to set it up. .


Learn how you can help your patients by using the e-Tobacco Protocol to increase their chances of quitting tobacco for good.

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Learn how you can increase efficiencies and revenue generation with the e-Tobacco Protocol and an EHR system.

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last updated August 21, 2023